Editorial Services

Most Indie authors know the importance of a second set of critical eyes on their manuscripts. My strength is helping authors improve their stories by  providing thorough, comprehensive, critical feedback on story development and content. My services are best suited for indie authors getting ready to self-publish, and authors submitting manuscripts to agents for the first time.

Copyediting – Proofread, edit for flow, word usage, grammar, sentence structure and obvious story inconsistencies.

Story editing – Copyediting plus detailed feedback on storyline, plot points, any unresolved threads, dialogue issues, continuity, voice or style changes, and more. This comes with an overall assessment of the story’s strengths and weaknesses, and explanations of comments made in the document. I will not rewrite your work, however, I will offer suggested changes that can be accepted or rejected.

I’m building my client base, and am offering discounted rates – take advantage of them while they last!

Estimated rates

Copyediting a 70,000 word novel: $400 (.0057 per word)
Story editing a 70,000 word novel: $650 (based on assumption draft is not a first draft)

The rates are estimates. For a free sample of story editing services and a quote, please email me at krebsedits@gmail.com, with the 1,000 word sample pasted into the body of the e-mail.