LHVC_2015-04-15_ugandaphotoTeacher visits Uganda
A collaboration between United States and Ugandan teachers at one school to develop a phonics program.



Dewey Decimal decimation
It’s true, many libraries and schools are moving away from the Dewey Decimal system.

Mission to space
A scientist on the New Horizons team visited students to discuss the New Horizons mission to Pluto.

Flagstaff Dean brings Restorative Practices to troubled high school
The Dean at Flagstaff Academy worked with a high school in Wyoming to help develop a restorative justice planned aimed at helping create an environment where students and teachers, administrators, could feel safe. It’s a complicated concept captured in a short article.

Jury finds wolf innocent of attempted murder
This was a fun piece to write. Third graders held a mock trail of the Big Bad Wolf during a character education class. There were so many misunderstandings between the pigs and the wolf, but in the end, he was innocent.

Preventing accidents at red lights wins first prize
This article about a Middle School student winning a regional STEM Fair award for his work on safety ran in a local newspaper.

‘Death Railway’ A march to remember
It was a pleasure to write this article about an important piece of history. A similar version of my article also appeared in a local paper in England.

Charging the mission
A wonderful aspect of working for an internal magazine devoted to one industry – in this case, the Air Force – is the ability to communicate the variety of different responsibilities in that industry. Here, I was able to highlight a small unit and talk about their contribution to the overall mission.

Red Flag training prepares crews for war
This joint-military exercise was held in the desert outside Las Vegas. I will always hold in my memory the sun setting over the flight line as fighters prepared to launch and test their skill.

City of Villains, Online MMO Game Reviews Page 1
City of Villains, Online MMO Game Reviews Page 2
I’ve always enjoyed the game environment. When I worked as a video game developer/writer, filling a world with characters and stories, making it an immersive experience for players, was a bit of a childhood fantasy come true. I also enjoyed playing these games, and City of Villians was one of my favorites.

Atlantica Online Review Page 1
Atlantica Online Review Page 2
Games at this time were leaning more toward free-to-play, and the business model change resulted in games such as this one that tried to combine the traditional industry model of Blizzard games such as “WoW,” with upcoming, addictive browser games. It was a pretty game, and fun to play.